Six people in a small house.  

Lots of laughter and noise, hard work and creative play.   Messy bookshelves, dirty dishes and laundry abound.  Wake-up-and-feed-the-animals time, reading-books-by-the-fire time, enjoying-our-food time, dance-in-the-kitchen time.  This is our crazy life.

The way we choose to live continues to feel... bit by bit... more unusual as time goes on.   Our desires keep moving us more towards simple living, and away from our modern, consumer and convenience-driven society.  The short version: we're a bit different.   We have grow lights in the basement for the Springtime seed starts, my kitchen is home to all sorts of living things, fermented and otherwise: (sourdough starter, kefir, kombucha).  We raise our own meat in our suburban backyard, try to grow as many veggies as possible  in our garden, heat our house with wood and educate our girls from home.

Living on a contractor's small business income - we are also, most often on a tight budget.

Supporting six people has been a big challenge at times.  It has taught my husband and I though, that the best things in life don't depend upon financial independence.     In looking at what we DO have, instead of what we DON'T  - we've become excited about the way it changes our perspective, and the creativity that it inspires.

Living on less doesn't have to be a burden.  We've discovered that our thrifty life - really is living the good life!

we hope that you enjoy sharing our journey!