Silver Sol

If you've read our story, you'll know that the discovery of Silver Sol was an important part of our family's healing.  I am passionate about sharing these resources with others, especially those suffering with infection related issues like the MRSA bacteria.   As far as health is concerned, we believe in a holistic way of caring for our bodies.  There are so many ways that our immune systems can be taxed, which will have an adverse affect on our health. Limiting stress is a good place to start. Organic, whole food is our first medicine, along with an active lifestyle, lots of sunshine, eating good fats and probiotic-rich fermented foods.  There are some unique reasons why Silver Sol is an immune system supplement we use to stop infections and protect ourselves from illness.

I'm a natural skeptic.  It took me time and energy researching extensively before I felt comfortable with Silver Sol. 

We now use this as another item in our 'toolkit' to keep our family healthy. It has been very effective on any infection related issues we have dealt with since that initial MRSA infection.  We use the liquid by mouth to help support our bodies and prevent infection, topically in eyes or ears to stop infection in it's tracks, and the silver gel on the skin.

The only time Silver failed me in treating an ear infection was when I had  purchased a brand which was labeled 'Silver hydrosol' - and I assumed it was the same.  Because of my earlier research, I knew the name of the company who patented Silver Sol, so I contacted them for more information. I'm SO glad I did.  I now know that though there are many products on the market labeled 'Silver', most are NOT the Silver Sol (a patented formulation which is extremely effective, and does not harm beneficial gut bacteria).  Since I made contact with the company, I've had access to dozens of studies on it's effectiveness, and they generously donated thousands of dollars to my cousin's organization in Haiti.  I'm a BIG fan.

I now make sure that the silver I order is sourced from the company which holds the patent (American Biotech Labs).  The research studies that ABL have done are extensive, and you can find many of them in the links below.  

You can find Silver Sol to order online HERE.