Seed Starting Time!

It's February.  The cold temperatures and dry landscape in Colorado are the perfect backdrop for my daydreams about Springtime!  It's this time of year that I pour all of my energy into planning for the upcoming season.  Looking through pictures from previous years keeps me excited and motivated to get my seeds started early.

In order to have healthy, strong plants, AND save money - I start many seeds indoors, under a simple grow light setup, in late winter and early spring. 

I am really motivated in this season to share tips, ideas and inspiration with all of you!  I've published a BOOK which is packed full of all that I'm passionate about - but as I think of new things to share, I'll be posting them here.  

We now have a Seed Starting Guide, as well as a PDF about Kids and Vegtables which are available in our STORE.  Hoping this is helpful and gets you ready for this growing season!

Thanks for following along.  Leave a comment below to tell us what you are excited about starting early!